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In Ending the Global Casino Ad Broere explains that financial crises, scarcity, debts, and interest are not Nature’s Way, and that the present monetary system is not the only choice we have. We can say goodbye to this global casino, and opt for a solution in which money plays a subservient role. We can choose for an economy that invests in a better future for the planet and all its living creatures. Our reward may be a high and sustainable quality of life for us and for our children. However, this will require a complete different attitude towards money and economy.


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Are you ready to lose everything?

The world has had final notice in 2009 that the financial markets were et the edge of a major downfall. The monetary systems worldwide have been patched up by mega money injections in their banking corporations. However, as the attitudeof the limitless greedy has not changed at all, and the financial markets have returned to business as usual, a new and this time more disastrous crisis can be expected to come. So far this has been stopped by all means, but the crash is getting closer.



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  1. Ed Mayo in Resurgence Magazine (geverifieerde eigenaar)

    Ending the Global Casino? is a book written with passion. It is a polemic, but a polemic with cartoons. There is a tradition of social critics, including Noam Chomsky and more recently Naomi Klein, in which the only light moments in pages of forensic analysis are passages of ironic comment that make you smile and wince at the same time. Broere is a more lovable radical, combining anecdote and insight with a touch light enough to belie the seriousness of his underlying message. Ed Mayo in Resurgence Magazine

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